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As a result of the EU's Green Deal, sustainable finance and ESG have increasingly become the focus of legislation for banks and financial services providers. Extensive new requirements are being imposed on the financial sector and need to be implemented quickly.

Two areas are currently receiving particular attention: on the one hand, there are new disclosure requirements that oblige banks and asset managers to inform their clients about the level of sustainability of their investments. The other is their own risk management, which now has to quantify and report on the risks of a climate change.


The necessary regulatory framework and laws have only recently been passed, and there are no off-the-shelf, standardised solutions for all market participants. Each bank and every asset manager uses different systems, their own valuation standards and different data providers. Action is needed. The legislation provides for rapid implementation and the timeframe is tight.

SuFiRe-WEPEX-adesso Market survey

Our latest market survey, conducted in collaboration with SuFiRe Lab and adesso, offers valuable insights into the current state of ESG data integration. The survey involved 56 participating institutions, each with their own business model and identified future challenges.

Together with adesso and the climate data and software provider right. based on science, we support the corresponding AI-supported ESG research at the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences (Frankfurt UAS) by funding a student research position.

Research initiative

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