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The asset & wealth management industry is changing, driven by technological innovation. New generations of investors are exploring alternative channels, while cost pressures on wealth and asset managers are increasing. At WEPEX, we recognise the challenges and opportunities that these changes present and offer tailored advisory services to help our clients navigate the changing landscape. 


The complexity and specialisation of processes in fund and asset management companies (AMCs) require in-depth expertise and a holistic view. At WEPEX, our consulting approach covers the entire process chain - from the front office and order desk to fund control, fund accounting and reporting. We pay particular attention to operationalising efficiency and optimising processes.


We offer a comprehensive range of fund distribution and custody services. Our extensive experience and leading edge expertise enables us to develop bespoke solutions, both strategic and operational, tailored to our clients' individual needs and objectives. 


With our team of experienced consultants, we work closely with you to achieve sustainable improvements in the performance of your asset and private wealth management operations. Our goal is to strengthen your competitive position and create measurable value in an ever-changing market environment.



Implementation of all investment in the front office system

Initial situation

Legal investment limits for the Düsseldorf and London locations were only available in the back office system and could therefore only be checked post-trade. Contractual limit checks were partially manual.


All investment limits needed to be configured in the front office system to enable pre-trade limit checks and to fully map contractual pre-trade and post-trade limits. Issues of interpretation of the contract wording also needed to be resolved.


Full implementation of all investment limits - on time and on budget - for both locations. Parallel development of a database for over 100 rule types, including grouping and numbering systems.


Dr. Frank Holger Thole
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