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The world of electronic exchanges and clearing systems is constantly changing, requiring both technological and regulatory adaptation. At WEPEX, we specialise in implementing projects for exchanges and clearing houses, as well as supporting financial institutions in connecting these key market infrastructures and optimising their internal processes.


Our Exchange & Clearing expertise ranges from strategic consulting to operational implementation. We help our clients plan and implement efficient connections to exchanges and clearing systems to ensure smooth trading and regulatory compliance.


We also help financial institutions optimise their internal processes to ensure they meet the requirements of exchanges and clearing houses. Our in-depth understanding of the process landscape and regulatory framework enables us to provide tailored solutions that increase operational efficiency and minimise risk.


With a team of experienced consultants working closely with exchanges, clearing houses and financial institutions, WEPEX is your trusted partner in Exchange & Clearing. We can help you effectively address market challenges and achieve sustainable operational improvements.



Moving Floor Trading to an Electronic Trading System

Initial situation

Need to migrate floor trading to the exchange's electronic trading system.


Extensive re-implementation and customisation of electronic admission and listing tools. Need to supplement master data with the parameters required for electronic trading and then deliver them to the electronic trading system.


Supporting the transfer of floor trading to the electronic trading system by implementing the new listing tools on time, introducing additional processes in the electronic admission and listing tools and adapting and completing the workflows.

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