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SuFiRe - WEPEX - adesso market survey 2023

The SuFiRe-WEPEX-adesso market survey on ESG data investigates the current status and challenges of integration ESG data in the financial sector. The survey is consist of 21 questions addressed to 56 financial institutions in German-speaking countries.


The results indicate that approximately one-third of the participants have already integrated ESG data, with regulatory requirements being the primary driver for data integration. The institutions' efforts and the increasing awareness of sustainable behaviour indicate that ESG data will be a crucial aspect of German financial market players' business activities in the future. However, to reduce uncertainties and risks associated with ESG data, market participants and regulators must maintain constant communication.  For free access to the complete survey, please follow the link below.

The SuFiRe - WEPEX - adesso partnership  Through our partnership with SuFiRe and adesso, we combine the latest scientific knowledge, professional and regulatory expertise and technological know-how to develop sustainable solutions for future challenges and create added value for our clients.

This partnership enables us to help shape a future in which sustainable practices are not only a necessity but alsoform the basis for a forward-looking capital market. Our many years of experience and expertise in the fields of artificial intelligence, big data analytics, data science and business intelligence informs the research and advice we provide to our clients.

If you are interested in learning more about our cooperation partners, please let us know.



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