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The core banking system is the essential backbone of any bank. At WEPEX, we have a proven track record of successful migration projects. Our expertise enables us to understand the specific challenges and issues associated with core banking migrations.


Core banking includes basic account management as well as key cross-divisional functions such as payments, lending and asset/liability management. It includes the management of external loan, current, term and savings accounts, as well as internal contra accounts. It supports efficient processes, postings, liquidity management, overall bank management, controlling, accounting and the fulfilment of statutory reporting requirements. Master data and contract management complete the offering.


At WEPEX, we take a broad view of core banking, encompassing retail and corporate banking, lending, retail banking, private banking, commercial banking and wholesale banking. Due to the uncertainty in the market regarding the business areas and segments, a clear definition and demarcation is necessary in order to develop efficient solutions.


To meet the high demands of customers and regulators, continuous development of processes and systems is essential. We are familiar with market-leading core banking systems such as OSplus, Agree/Bank21, Avaloq, T24, SAP, Core24, TCS, MidasPlus, Konto3000 and OBS and can advise on the selection, implementation and optimisation of these systems.


With a proven track record in helping banks optimise their core banking systems, WEPEX is your trusted partner in increasing efficiency and competitiveness in an ever-changing banking environment.



Cash management optimisation

Initial situation

The need of business customers in particular to achieve higher interest income and lower debt financing ratios through optimised cash management was to be taken into account.


Introduction of a new cash flow application for the optimisation of cash management for wholesale bank customers. Customisation and integration of the application into the existing banking processes.


Selection of a suitable application to represent the desired functionality and preparation of the process and IT implementation.

Auswahl einer Lösung zur Abbildung der gewünschten Funktionalität und Vorbereitung der Prozess- und IT-Implementierung.

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