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In the rapidly evolving financial market environment, efficient trading systems and robust treasury management are central to a company's success and sustainable growth. At WEPEX, we see trading systems as your interface to customers and exchanges and recognize the importance of minimizing manual processes that often involve increased costs. Our goal is to optimize these processes through detailed analysis and intelligent automation. 


Our services at WEPEX include a wide range of advisory services for derivatives of all asset classes, including exotic variants as well as all cash market products such as equities, bonds, FX/MM and securities lending/repo. We emphasize clarity and precision while using appropriate formal language and ensuring grammaticality. Our consultants have extensive experience along the entire process chain - from sales/brokerage and trading to trading support processes, risk management, P&L reporting, accounting, controlling and settlement of OTC and exchange-traded derivatives. 


Our team's expertise is based not only on the depth and breadth of our knowledge of the financial markets, but also on the expert use of outstanding trading software such as Front Arena, Murex, Sophis Risque, Calypso, Kondor+, Summit or Imagine. Our goal is to develop customized solutions specifically tailored to your company's needs to achieve operational excellence and competitive advantage in trading and treasury. 


LANDESBANK: Neuproduktimplementierungen


Aufgrund der Wettbewerbssituation war der Kunde aufgefordert, die Produktpalette bezüglich Kredit-, Aktien- und Rohstoffderivaten sowie strukturierter Emission zu erweitern.


Neben dem Ausbau im Front-Office sollten die nachgelagerten Verarbeitungen im Risikocontrolling, Rechnungs-, Bilanz- und Meldewesen ermöglicht werden.


Neuproduktimplementierung - in time and budget - unter dem Gesichtspunkt time to market.



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