About us

Benefit from our Experience for your Success

WEPEX was founded in 2003 and is a management consultancy focussing on strategic and business consulting for leading banks and financial service providers in the financial markets. WEPEX offers a wide range of services from research and market studies to strategy and management consulting, as well as from processes and systems to project and program management. Interim management is also part of the service spectrum.

Banks and financial service providers are increasingly confronted with the challenges of digitalisation and the corresponding technological innovations. WEPEX has carried out extensive market studies and started a strategic partnership with micobo GmbH, which specialises in FinTech and technology consulting. WEPEX micobo maintain research collaborations with leading universities and colleges and have already realised platforms for personal finance management, crowd finance, and payment modules for banks, e-commerce and online shops. WEPEX micobo offer a broad and deep range of technological approaches and innovations along portfolio management, trading, personal finance management, crowd finance, payment, core banking, infrastructure, distributed ledger technology including blockchain, data analytics, and banking as a service.

With locations in Frankfurt a. M., Duesseldorf and Munich, WEPEX operates throughout Germany as well as in Switzerland (Zurich), Austria (Vienna), Luxembourg, Paris, London, New York as well as the Near/Far East financial markets. Some call WEPEX the hidden champion, others a very exclusive consulting boutique. The fact is that according to the largest market survey in Germany, WEPEX is considered one of the top management consultancies by both competitors and customers. In the customer assessment, WEPEX’s rating was significantly higher than most of the industry’s average marks, including those of major international consultancies. WEPEX represents a counter-draft to consulting firms and the Big Four with many hundreds of thousands of employees, many of whom are juniors, whereas the whole structure moves like a large carrier or a cruise ship – slowly or barely at all; almost unable to respond to individual customer wishes. WEPEX is seen by customers more as very exclusive consulting boutique with senior and qualified consultants on on board its speedboats, moves rapidly and responds flexibly, individually, and hands-on to customer needs. The small WEPEX consulting teams or even individual consultants as a task force consist exclusively of seniors and top-qualified consultants who achieve operational added value for the customer from day one on.

The partners and employees of WEPEX have sound and widespread experience gained through many years of work with renowned consulting firms and financial service providers. All of the partners are actively involved in the projects at the customer’s site – WEPEX lives from on-site consulting, not from sales. It refinances consulting quality and professional competence through its many years of experience and close ties with science. An advisory board of internationally renowned finance and banking experts and professors is actively involved.

We guarantee the use of proven delivery and process models and methods in coordination with the respective customer using the WEPEX tool set. As a member of the German Association for Project Management (GPM) and the Federation of German Management Consultants (BDU), we are committed to their proven standards. Our employees are trained accordingly and possess the marketable certifications.

WEPEX has laid down binding guidelines and rules of conduct that each partner and employee must adhere to in his or her work and in other areas of life, insofar as they have an impact on his or her work. These describe the values, principles and actions that determine the entrepreneurial activities of WEPEX. The aim of the management (partners) is to comply with ethical standards and to create a working environment that promotes and ensures integrity, respect, fairness, and sustainability. A strictly lawful and principled business policy serves the long-term corporate interests of WEPEX (compliance). As ethically thinking consultants and people, WEPEX management consultants are committed to the principle of sustainability through deep conviction. This applies not only to work at the customer’s premises, but also in the business environment and in office management. These include (among other things), very practical rules, e. g. a maximum of environmental compatibility during business trips, the aim of a digitized, paperless office, consistent avoidance of waste as well as its strict separation, limited to ethically justifiable investments and commitment to social projects.