Our Customers

Our Customers

We advise our clients in the financial market on the effective and sustainable use of their available funds, e.g. through the digital transformation. Excellent training, methodology, personality, and experience are the instruments of our consultants. WEPEX’s project independent partners take over the quality assurance of each stage of a project.

Why Customers Repeatedly Engage WEPEX
  • Advice from WEPEX is often decisive for the achievement of our clients’ business policy goals. WEPEX offers high added value.
  • WEPEX has often solved complex tasks that have caused other consulting firms to fail.
  • WEPEX enjoys an excellent reputation, which is reflected by a high rate of re-appointments, repetitive engagements and very positive customer surveys.

Added Value for our Clients - WEPEX's Recipe for Success

  • Careful analysis of upcoming tasks through precise understanding of complex interrelationships
  • Well-founded concepts that fully address the entire process chain
  • Creative and needs-based solutions based on well-founded experience with similar projects
  • Effective project execution by highly motivated teams with know-how transfer from WEPEX to the client’s employees
  • Short project duration due to quick understanding of the task at hand
  • Less time and therefore lower project costs

Our Spectrum of Customers

  • Major German banks
  • International commercial and investment banks
  • Public sector banks and semi-government banks: Landesbanken (regional state banks) and Savings Banks Finance Group
  • Cooperative and Union Banking group
  • Stock exchanges, trading and clearing platforms
  • Central security depositories
  • Investment companies
  • Transaction banks and specialized financial service providers
  • FinTech provider