Asset and Private Wealth Management

Asset and Private Wealth Management

The processes in fund companies and investment companies are complex and highly specialized. WEPEX supports its customers throughout the entire process chain from front-office, order desk and broker matching to fund control, fund accounting and reporting. Our consulting services also include the market side (fund distribution) and custody account management.

Selected projects that have been carried out in this environment are listed below:

Asset Management Front Office
  • Multinational Asset Manager: Definition and implementation of all contractual and legal investment limits in the front-office system, pre- and post-trade, for the locations Germany and Great Britain.
  • International investment fund company: Project management for the introduction of a new investment company
  • Fund management system, with a special focus on test procedures, test environments and migration.
Fund Accounting
  • Multinational Asset Manager: Process analysis to harmonize processes and functions in the middle-office, fund accounting, risk controlling, and performance calculation in the UK, Luxembourg, and Germany.
  • Multinational Asset Manager: Software selection for the middle-office and fund accounting, including RFP, test installation, and business case as a central platform for three locations.
Portfolio Account Management
  • International investment fund company: Outsourced investment account management to a newly acquired subsidiary, taking over the overall project management and the project management for the business area. Then defined the necessary SLA’s and development of a service management system for their implementation.
Private Wealth Management
  • Asset Manager: Established enhanced and digital sales and distributions channels for Digital Private Wealth Management including automation post-trade processing. Roles: Strategy Advisor, External Project Manager and Steering Committee Member.

Selected Project Profile: Cross-Country Process Analysis and Software Selection

  • The client is an integrated asset manager with offices in Germany, the UK, and Luxembourg. Different systems are used at the locations in the middle and back-office to support specific processes, some of which have evolved over time. Therefore, it will be investigated whether the processes offer potential for standardization and whether the needs of the sites can be met on the basis of a common system platform. To this end, market-leading software packages are to be tested for accuracy of fit.

WEPEX Tasks and Project Approach

  • Stringent analysis based on a precise process model for KVG’s
  • Hands-on project execution, from interview with the clerk to presentation to the CEO
  • Comprehensive catalogue of requirements and professional selection process with praise from the suppliers
  • Target concept that combines Anglo-Saxon requirements with German standards
  • Analysis of the current process landscape in the middle-office, back-office (in particular fund accounting) and in the reporting area using a process model for asset management operations
  • Definition and coordination of a blueprint for cross-location target processes
  • Derivation of a detailed catalogue of requirements
  • Preparation of the invitation to tender and evaluation of the offers of the software providers
  • Structuring, coordination, and evaluation of workshops and test installations.


Reliable confirmation of the feasibility of a joint, cross-location platform. Structured selection of the “best” common platform, in an objective, neutral process. Rough planning of the implementation and the corresponding costs and potential benefits

Note on Project Efficiency

The entire project was managed and carried out by an experienced WEPEX partner. He conducted all interviews at all sites, documented the analyses and requirements, defined the procedure, compiled the RFP, and coordinated the software selection.