Exchange and Clearing

Exchange and Clearing

Electronic exchanges and clearing systems are characterized by constant change. WEPEX carries out projects for stock exchanges and clearing houses and also supports financial institutions with the connection to stock exchanges and clearing systems as well as the associated internal processes.

Selected projects that have been carried out in this environment are listed below:

Derivatives exchanges and other electronic Platforms
  • European Clearing House: Introduction of Central Counterparty (CCP) for securities lending and borrowing, subsequent successive expansion of the securities and collateral universe as well as settlement locations and trade flow providers, development of specialist and IT concepts, implementation of test management, and preparation of the rollout of productive operations.
Securities Exchanges and Other Electronic Platforms
  • German Stock Exchange: User acceptance testing of the electronic trading system, development of a test concept, execution of the acceptance test, error documentation and support for troubleshooting, coordination of test activities with all involved units and interfaces, creation of a functional high-level concept for subsequent release.
  • German Stock Exchange: Listing tool for the introduction of additional processes into the electronic tools of the admission and listing system for transferring floor trading to the electronic trading system of the stock exchange. Project results were the implementation of the new listing tools and revision of the user manual.
Retail Brokerage / Order Routing Systems
  • Regional securities trading bank: Connection to the electronic trading system Xetra, test design and implementation of existing software solutions, and development of emergency and backup concepts.
Selected Project Profile: User Acceptance Test - Electronic Trading System
  • The client is a German stock exchange operating its own electronic trading systems.
  • The electronic trading system for the cash market will be equipped with new functionalities.
  • New functionalities are documented in technical concepts. Implementation and documentation is carried out by IT on the basis of the technical concepts.
  • Delivered software and the modified interfaces are professionally tested for compliance with the documentation within the scope of the user acceptance test.

WEPEX Tasks and Project Approach

Creation of technical concepts such as:

  • Making trading hours more flexible
  • Adding flexibility to the trading calendar
  • Change the master data concept for multiple listing on several stock exchanges
  • Transfer floor trading to the electronic trading system
  • Development of a test concept (test narratives)
  • Creation of test cases with detailed instructions
  • Test documentation
  • Error documentation
  • Re-test of documented errors


  • Timely and scheduled release launch