Career Development

Career Development

Career Levels

WEPEX is focussing on each individual consultant: Personality, potential, talent, and preferences are nurtured and leveraged. Each consultant is coached personally through the mentoring and counseling program by a Partner. Consultant and counselor will agree on an individual qualification and career planning. WEPEX partners make sure that each consultant get the qualification and tools to keep learning and growing in order provide the clients with top quality consulting. To achieve this goal, each consultant is supported on the clients’ project by WEPEX seniors in order to enable each consultant to perform and to take on responsibility. WEPEX offers the opportunity that each top performing consultant become a Partner. There is no up or out, but rather a high flexibility based on the individual skills and preferences. The established career levels do not have to be recognised as hierarchy levels, they rather support the structured qualification and career planning of each consultant.


Learning on the job, on the clients‘ projects, is the key for a successful consultant. However, following the concept of personalised development each consultant will be trained in addition to this in accordance with highest international standards. This includes external trainings, seminars, qualification programs, certifications, gradudation and degrees. This is the pre-requisite for each consultant to fulfill the expectations and to delivery high-quality solutions to WEPEX’ clients. Continious learning is essential to build the right skills as demanded by the market and the clients.

WEPEX offers you:  

  1. A highly attractive working place with a fair and loyal employer
  2. Open communication and short decision-making processes
  3. Challenging and varied tasks on projects for renowned clients (banks, stock exchanges, clearer, broker, asset manager, transaction banks, and other financial services providers and FinTechs)
  4. Inspiring working atmosphere– collegial cooperation in small, highly motivated teams
  5. Fast learning curve due to constantly new challenges, technical, and methodical support by highly experienced and qualified WEPEX experts
  6. Excellent personalized development opportunities and intensive further development tailored to the individual consultant, no up-or-out philosophy
  7. Individual and personal coaching by one of the partners you can choose for yourself
  8. Attractive performance-related remuneration – transparent and fair bonus system
  9. Flexible location concept, work-life balance and job security
  10. Last but not least: Respect and high regardness. It is a difference to be one of the individually coached WEPEX employees or one of hundred thousand employees of a huge anonymous company group. It is a difference to be part of a partnership and to be able to become a partner.