Current Topics

Current Topics

The financial industry faces considerable challenges.

In order to meet the requirements of regulatory and tax authorities, comprehensive changes in the business processes and IT systems of financial institutions are usually required.

WEPEX can provide you with significant support from analysis and concept to successful implementation. In addition, we also offer overall management of activities.

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Further Current Topics

Investors Lounge: Mittelstand entdeckt Crowdinvesting mit Prof. Dr. Rainer Elschen, Duisburg-Essen Universität (WEPEX Beirat)

MathFinance Flow Series: FX Volatility 101 mit Prof. Dr. Uwe Wystup, Antwerpen University, formerly Frankfurt School of Finance and Management (WEPEX Beirat)

Prof. Dr. Frank Piller, RWTH Aachen (Pro-Dekan, Lehrstuhlinhaber für Betriebswirtschaftslehre)

T-Talks Vol. II: Management disruptiver Innovationen & Wandel

Vortrag beim 2. Fachkongress Industrie 4.0                                                          

It’s All About Data – From Bits And Bytes To Business Value

Innovations-Forum Deutsche Industrie 2015: über Innovation, Strategie und Digitalisierung

Prof. Dr. Malte Brettel, RWTH Aachen (Prorektor für Wirtschaft und Industrie, Lehrstuhl für Betriebswirtschaftslehre, Innovation Management & Entrepreneurship)

Entrepeneurial Acting And Thinking

Forschungsgipfel 2016: Keynote

Prof. Dr. Philipp Sander, Frankfurt School of Finance & Management

Blockchain Center an der Frankfurt School of Finance & Management

Blockchain Adoption by Banking Sector                                                 

Blockchain, Digital Currencies and Smart Contracts

Daimler und LBBW setzen Blockchain bei Schuldschein-Transaktion ein